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Burns and Mccoy

Posted by Brian on Apr 9, 2017 11:30:00 AM

I'm really glad we have another Fort Collins hot sauce company featured on Craft Hot Sauce. The Fort Collins Hot Sauce scene is hot as this article points out: Fort Collins Hot Sauce Biz Heats Up. Horsetooth Hot Sauce is another Fort Collins hot sauce company that has done a Craft Hot Sauce profile. We'll be meeting Burns and Mccoy at the NYC Hot Sauce expo in a couple weeks, but I'm very thankful of Jay Burns and Mccoy took the time beforehand to share more about their operation and sauces to our Craft Hot Sauce followers.


We got our start in the industry because we were not overly impressed with the local sauces in Colorado. We are not saying they aren't good because they are. We just felt we could update what is going on here and make it better with unique and high quality ingredients. The industry has obviously agreed with what we are doing because in two years we have won 18 industry awards. During the last two years we have also seen our products go international and we have our products in Kroger, Safeway and Whole Foods. 


Our operation is pretty straight forward. We have our own facility and we crank out our products the way they should be done. We also do contract bottling as a copacker as well. Our most popular sauce recently is our Exhorresco which is a 7 Pot primo sauce that features the primo, oak aged apple cider vinegar, black garlic and yuzu juice. For our grocery stores the Reaper Verde is the most popular (for hot sauce) our Roasted Blueberry Serrano margarita mix is flying off the shelves everywhere we have it as well.  



The interesting fact I will share is the industry is growing and growing and the long term companies (cholula, Tabasco, and others) have taken notice and are now adapting their product lines to compete with all of us craft sauce makers. 


Facebook: @BurnsandMccoy
Twitter: @BurnsandMccoy
Instagram: @BurnsandMccoy
Fort Collins, Colorado

Topics: colorado, fort collins

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