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Chilli Drops

Posted by Brian Ruhlmann on Oct 26, 2015 11:46:56 AM

Jane of Chilli Drops Hot Sauce in London, England is a go getter. She started Chilli Drops in her spare time 2 years ago and has found tremendous success in her first couple years, winning 2nd place in the World Hot Sauce Awards this summer. Her start should inspire others who make hot sauce and chilli sauce to take it to the next level. This is our first London Hot Sauce Company profiled on Craft Hot Sauce.

  • london-hot-sauceHow Chilli Drops Started Off
I had my daughter as a single parent in 2010 and in the space of 18 months totally destroyed my business in artist management, due to the fact that I totally underestimated child care and utter sheer exhaustion I'd suffer from. So after thoroughly neglecting both daughter and business I decided to take a year off, rethink my working life and getting to know my child. Within a year I was totally bored and decided to find something I could make for a £1 and sell for £2. I'd always liked chilli sauces and invariably took my own when I was eating out. So without too much thought (in fact none at all) I decided to make and bottle chilli sauces.

In Feb 2013, I set up Chilli Drops, begged some funding from a bloke in the pub (who I still owe) and had my 1st production batch.  By June I was selling into my first deli and butcher shops. I now have four fabulous flavours, and I sell mainly into the independent pub trade and occasionally on market stalls.
  • My Most Popular Sauce

Miss Smoky Naga - the first one I created for my love of cheese burgers, she's hot and infused with a liquid smoke. AND has just won 2nd in the World Hot Sauce Awards. She's an international superstar and out sells the rest 2 to 1.

  • Advice to novice hot sauce makers

Get the freshest chillis you can find by a reputable grower, the flavour is all in the freshness or and how they were when they were dried/pickled. The standard ole Birdseye chilli is ultimately the most versatile, very much over looked but she packs a mean punch and is full of flavour and delicious just chopped up raw on anything or should I say everything!


Facebook: ChilliDropsLondon
Twitter: @chillidrops
London, England
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