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Haitian Heat Spice Fire Sauce

Posted by Brian on Apr 9, 2017 10:30:00 AM

Pierre, the owner and founder of Hatian Heat Spice Fire Sauce shares the story behind the beginning of his hot sauce operation out of Austin, Texas. I'm bummed, I missed meeting Pierre when I was in Austin a couple months ago, but I'll be sure to go to his restuant and try his sauces next time. You can also find his sauces at the popular hot sauce store Tears of Joy Hot Sauce Shop on 6th street.


I started with a desire to find or create a hot sauce that was flavorful and spicy for my conch and conch fritters that I prepared and cooked for my customers. I could not find the flavor I was looking for, so I started to experiment with flavor and peppers until l found the flavor and heat I wanted.

I gave samples of this sauce to my customers and they liked it. The customers started to asked for extra sauce to take home. I knew I needed a name for the sauce. I then called the sauce my original Haitian Heat Spice Fire Sauce. With the passing of time I entered the Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Contest in 2014. The sauce won 3rd place under speciality sauces.


I worked on perfecting my sauce and in 2015 the sauce won 1st place under speciality sauces. In 2016 I submitted 3 other sauces & they all won 1st place & people's choice & one - 3rd place under commercial bottler. The the names of the sauces are:

  1. Original fire sauce (Scotch bonnet peppers)
  2. Sexy sauce (Tabasco peppers. Green sauce)
  3. Nap Boule (Red wine & garlic based ingredients)
  4. Hemplifier (5 layers of flavor 5 layers of heat & has hemp ingredients

I first started making sauce in my kitchen, however Add A Chef is a commercial kitchen in Austin, Texas that I use.


Facebook: @HaitianHeatSpice
Austin, Texas
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