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KYVAN Hot Sauce

Posted by Brian Ruhlmann on Mar 8, 2015 12:06:00 PM

KYVAN Hot Sauce is this weeks Craft Hot Sauce profile. Owned and operated by former NFL player Reggie Kelly! Reggie brings his competitive spirit from the field and competes for the best Mississippi Hot Sauces. Read on to hear about how Reggie and his wife Sheila began their sauce company in Aberdeen, Mississippi. 

How I got started in hot sauce


Cooking has been an event in itself growing up in my household. Where I grew up in Mississippi, we were not called chefs, but cooks.  Everything cooked, was made with LOVE.  Our products are family recipes, passed down from generation to generation. The thought of starting a food line came about after hosting free football camps in my hometown, where the guest raved about the good food and that was when the red light went off to have our products mass produced so that all can taste and "Appreciate the Goodness!" We named our food line after my 2 kids(KYla and kaVAN).

Our business is a family owned business with a line of specialty products, owned by Former NFL Player Reggie Kelly and his wife, Sheila.

My most famous hot sauce

KYVAN Original Mississippi Hot Sauce has a rich, flavorful taste at the front and a mild heat at the back. It is an excellent hot sauce that can be added in chili or dips for additional depth of flavors.
Our other popular sauce is KYVAN Hot Wing sauce which has a spicy kick with a distinguishing hint of peppers. This sauce, made with cayenne peppers, focuses on flavor first with the perfect amount of heat to finish.

My advice to chiliheads or novice hot sauce makers"Always pay attention to the details."

Twitter: @kyvan82
Instagram: @kyvan82
Facebook: KYVANFoods
Aberdeen, MS
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