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T&A Sauces LLC

Posted by Brian on Apr 7, 2017 6:02:32 AM

It all got started about 2.5 years ago when I started my 1st garden in my back yard. I had always like peppers and wanted to try something different. So I looked around the internet and found the Carolina Reaper Peppers from Puckerbutt Pepper Company and I was hooked.

So the 1st year I grew them just for fun and at the end of the season I had a lot of the most insane peppers I’ve ever tried. After freezing the peppers while figuring out what to do with them, I started looking into making hot sauce. Now 3 years later, I run my own Hot Sauce Company making the same sauce I made back then but in a lot bigger quantities.  

My operation is a small one, I rent space in a commercial kitchen. I will be graduating from a Food Entrepreneurship class in May from a Kickstarter Kitchen program in Tulsa, OK. They prepare and help people turn their food idea into a food business!

My hot sauce is fermented using a lacto-fermented process, I use organic natural yogurt and strain off the whey and use it as my culture. It make everything blend smoothly together. My best selling Hot sauce is a Carolina Reaper based sauce called Raging Reaper. It is very hot but has all of the unique flavor of the Reaper pepper but wont send you to the water to cool your face.

I also dive into the sweet/heat candy. I make Carolina Reaper Infused Gummy Bears. I call them Raging Gummy Bears! I boil the pepper flesh and the water from that I use in my gummy making process. They start out sweet and finish with heat!




Facebook: @TandASAUCES
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Topics: oklahoma

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