About Craft Hot Sauce

Hello! Welcome to Craft Hot Sauce. I started this site in 2014 to focus on sharing the stories and sauces from small batch hot sauce makers around the world. Their stories about cooking, traditions, family recipes and the different types of people behind the sauces hooked me.

Growing up I always appreciated my parents cooking, complemented by the food from our garden. In August 2014 I made my first batch of hot sauce, taking all the ingredients from our garden -- a mixture of garlic, shallots, carrots, pumpkin, habaneros and golden ghost peppers, which went on to become Craic Sauce. After tasting it I felt an instant energy with the evolving deep heat and flavor, and my thoughts ran to thinking about how this could transform different dishes and flavors.

CraftHotSauce.com is here to share the stories, lessons, and passion that we come across with other folks in the craft hot sauce community. Behind each hot sauce there is so much more than just a blend of chilis with vinegar. I invite you to learn from the crafters all over the world and see if their inspiration strikes a chord with you.

Since 2014, in our monthly newsletter we've shared recipes, podcast features, created a monthly hot sauce box from some of our favorite sauces and most importantly shared the stories of over one hundred small batch hot sauce makers from forty different countries.

I invite you to join and follow CraftHotSauce.com to share your story and hear from hot sauce and chili lovers all over the world. I'd love to learn what you're working on or would like to see on our site, so join our monthly newsletter and I'll reach out to say hello.